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Our sponsors over the years have included Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, Wienco Ghana Ltd, Royal Danish Embassy, French Embassy in Ghana, United Nations, Australian High Commission, Third World Network, Canadian High Commission, European Union, African Women's Development Fund, Cargill, US Embassy, KASA, UNICEF, National Film and Television Institute, Yara, Newmont, Nestle Ghana, Zoom Lion, African Mining Services, Sitos, and our media partner TV3.  Our long term venue partners remain the Goethe-Institut, British Council and Alliance Francaise.

Embassy and development agency support for the festival has remained a vital component of the festival. Most have supported EFFA since its inception. Increasingly, a good number of films are also reaching the festival through these partnerships. These films have improved understanding of the environment by local audiences as they illustrate how challenges are being met elsewhere. The support of our international partners also demonstrates the importance of combining global as well as local perspectives on critical issues related to the environment.

Corporate support for the festival has also been important to EFFA. Wienco Ghana Ltd remains our most loyal corporate sponsor, supporting the festival for the eighth year.  We look forward to enhancing the collaboration with all our sponsors to further expand EFFA’s educational impact in the coming years. Many other organizations and corporates contributed in kind, with vital product support such as educational books, materials and drinks: EPP Books Services, Nestle Ghana, Indomie, Voltic and Woolworths. We are most grateful to you all.


2013 ReportWe are pleased to report on the ninth edition of the annual international Environmental Film Festival of Accra held from 28 June to 5 July 2013. Over 300 people including several school children gathered at KAMA Conference Center for the launch with its focus on health and the environment.




Children from Accra, Cape Coast and the Volta region were selected to participate in the Young Film Makers Workshops. This year they learned to make mixed media art pieces on the environment and take photographs, in addition to making a film on the environment.




The forum focused on three thematic areas: Climate Change, Degraded Environment & Flooding, Water and Sanitation and Natural Resources in plenary and small group discussions. Presentations by leaders in the field introduced the key issues.




A major highlight of EFFA 2013 was the free malaria testing for members of the public that took place at the Freedom and Justice Park, Kwame Nkrumah Circle.



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