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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Young Film Makers Workshop

The festival has increasingly identified the role of young people discussing and making videos about their own environmental concerns. Over the years, a range of films have been produced on sanitation, climate change, food hygiene, noise pollution and environmental preservation. These films have been highly effective at reaching the public and have been screened at the festival launch, Open Air Community Screenings, festivals and schools.

After the festival, the films are duplicated as DVD’s and distributed to schools and youth organizations across the country. The hugely popular film by ‘The Environmental Patrol Group’ about cleaning the Korle Lagoon was also screened on the Environment Channel Television Series on Ghana Television. Not only are the young people involved in making the films touched by the festival. Their peers and public at large are also motivated by the films which raise issues about the environment from the perspective of young people.

This year, the festival will work with children to produce two films and screen, ‘Stop the Menace. Save our Coast, the fascinating film made with school children in Central Region about their maritime environmental and the challenges.

Some of the films produced by previous by Young Film Makers Workshops include:

1. Environmental Patrol Strikes Again! (Ghana, 2008), the patrol team responds to the dumping of refuse and waste at the Korle Lagoon, one of Accra’s most polluted sites. The team is in no mood for lame excuses and official inertia. They set up watch at the lagoon and confront some of the culprits exposing the issues and calling action to rid Accra of its waste;

2. Hungry River (Ghana, 2008), based on a dream. An imaginary village wakes up to the ultimate consequences of Climate Change; the poisoned river is not fit to drink, the air is deplete of oxygen and the land no longer bears fruit;

3. Agbobloshie: Environmental Patrol Strikes Again! (Ghana, 2009), the environmental patrol tackles Agbobloshie, Accra’s most polluted community. The ensuing drama suggests that the patrol team has possibly bitten more than it can chew;

4. Stop The Noise! Environmental Patrol Strikes Again! (Ghana, 2010), the Patrol team responds to one of the most intriguing environmental problems, noise pollution and are baffled by the community response. Is there a solution?

Date and Place to be announced on 27 November 2017.