Schools Screenings

JHS and SHS classes from public schools will be invited to attend daytime screenings as field trips with presentations on the Maritime Environment and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Film screenings, poetry, drama presentations will be followed by discussions by the young people, facilitated by lecturers and special guests.
EFFA will roll out a series of these activities starting in Accra in 2017 moving to the Volta, Central and Western Regions in 2018. We will work with the Ghana Education Services Regional and District offices, Environmental Protection Agencies, CSO and other stakeholders to implement these activities as part of after school projects. To build sustainability into the project, we will encourage and support participating schools to form “Green Clubs.” The project will equip these clubs with initial tool kits to implement a range of local activities that they select.
Desmond Amuzu, 10 years, of Base Ordinance Depot School, Burma Camp, “This year, when our teachers told us we were going to the Environmental Festival, we were so happy. When we arrived, they welcomed us very nicely. We met other school children and had a great time, as well as learn a lot. My friend asked the MC if she is environmentally friendly and she said she rides a bicycle.”