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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

National Forum on Ghana’s Maritime Environment

This all day event will provide a common ground platform to explore the often neglected but significant relationship between Ghana’s maritime Environment and sustainable development. Considering the cross cutting nature of environmental issues, we hope to assemble experts and participants who will enrich the discussions from diverse perspectives. Key stakeholders from  Ghana Maritime Authority, oil, gas, mining and energy companies, EPA,  fishermen organizations and other significant others will be invited.

As in previous years, EFFA will bring together academics, key stakeholders and the public to deliberate on the relevant critical issues. Invitations will be extended to NGOs and CBO’s, environmental think tanks, policy makers and corporates from across the country to participate. A report summarizing the findings and recommendations will be complied and made available to participants after the forum.  Presentations will be made by leaders in the field with panel discussions and breakout sessions. Films on the maritime environment will also be screened and discussed.

Date and Place to be announced on 27 November 2017.

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