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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Environment Channel TV Series

Research has shown that strong economic growth can be combined with sustainable management of natural resources and the environment in order to promote shared prosperity and reduce poverty. In this respect, EFFA 2017 presents a unique opportunity to educate the public about the significant relationship between protection of Ghana’s maritime environment and achievement of sustainable development goals, particularly, environmental protection, health and safety.
The Environment Channel Television Series was launched in 2008 to help create a national television audience for environmental issues in Ghana. Produced by Creative Storm, the series is broadcast on GTV to a weekly audience of approximately 5 to 7 million people. The next 26 part series on Ghana’s Maritime Environment will be launched in November 2017 and broadcast on GTV and selected TV stations. Each programme will feature a short documentary and studio discussion bringing together citizens, experts and stakeholders to deliberate positively on environmental issues of local and national concern. There will also be news and activity reports from the field, encouraging all citizens to make environmental protection a collective responsibility.

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