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uturnU-TURN (2012, Germany, Dir. Oliver Hoffmann, 2:15min)
U-turn is an animation short for kids and young people raising questions about global and environmental justice. The animation features characters like Paul, Ms Ming and a monkey running out of wood.
The film was made in cooperation with a 10th grade school class and in cooperation with the WWF Germany.

PLANET RE:THINK (2012, Denmark, Dir. Eskil Hardt, 89min)
Today we are facing not one, but two global crises: the financial crisis, and the more insidious one relating to our misuse of natural resources. The two are so tightly linked that we will not solve the global financial crisis until we start re-thinking how we can use resources more efficiently and sustainably. For example with each smart phone made, more than 50 minerals are exploited and our growing dependence on these finite resources for new technology will only deepen the financial crisis as prices increase exponentially. A potential battleground for the future has been laid, as these resources become more and more scarce. Planet RE:think investigates where we are failing and gives hope to a future on a planet with finite resources.

ORDINARY LIFE (2012, Japan, Dir. Tomoya Nakamura & Shoko Watanabe, 5:38min)
"Ordinary Life" questions our awareness about environmental issues. The standard morning routine, part of the family’s normal day their unvarying routine continues each and every day. A spotlight is shone on the environmental issues that are gradually forgotten in day-to-day actions.
Language is Japanese with English Subtitles.

MY CHOPSTICKS (2012, Japan, Dir. Shun Oi, 11:21min)
A noodle shop owner wants disposable chopsticks to be used when eating his soba, but his granddaughter wants to use re-usable chopsticks, to help save the Earth. Frustrated by her stubborn grandpa, she runs out of the shop. Seeing his unhappy granddaughter leave, the owner takes action…
Language is Japanese with English Subtitles.

ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH (2013, Ghana, Creative Storm)
 A new film supported by the French Embassy. Throughout Ghana, environmental degradation reflected in poor sanitation and unsafe water contributes about 60% of diseases and health complaints to our hospitals and health centers.

FANTASTIC IN PLASTIC (2010, Ghana, Creative Storm, 15min)
 A momentous day in the life of Trashy Bags, the company that makes innovative products from plastic waste in Ghana. An incredible competition is underway with much fun and creative trash everywhere.

GHANA'S PLASTIC WASTE MENACE (2009, Ghana Dir Kwesi Owusu, 14mins)
 A roving journalist investigates the menace of plastic waste in Ghana and depicts the environment under siege.

NATURE/NATUR (Buster Films, 8mins)
 A documentary film about nature, animal life and movement in Denmark.

SOUND OF THE RIVER (2013, Ghana, Johannes Friedermann Preuss)
 The video speaks to the destruction of nature, protecting our rivers and encouraging citizens to show  love to the environment.

E-WASTELAND (2012, Ghana /Autralia, Dir David Fedele, 20mins)
 Every year, between 20-50 million tonnes of e-waste (electronic waste) are generated worldwide. This film presents a visual portrait of unregulated e-waste recycling in Ghana.


2013 ReportWe are pleased to report on the ninth edition of the annual international Environmental Film Festival of Accra held from 28 June to 5 July 2013. Over 300 people including several school children gathered at KAMA Conference Center for the launch with its focus on health and the environment.




Children from Accra, Cape Coast and the Volta region were selected to participate in the Young Film Makers Workshops. This year they learned to make mixed media art pieces on the environment and take photographs, in addition to making a film on the environment.




The forum focused on three thematic areas: Climate Change, Degraded Environment & Flooding, Water and Sanitation and Natural Resources in plenary and small group discussions. Presentations by leaders in the field introduced the key issues.




A major highlight of EFFA 2013 was the free malaria testing for members of the public that took place at the Freedom and Justice Park, Kwame Nkrumah Circle.



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